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I’d probably get more plastic-cup enclosed beverages and use more straws, which I have been trying to eliminate (come to think of it, I don’t know if the onus to do this would have been as urgent if I wasn’t evaluating my status as a marginal public figure as informed by IG). When someone I don’t know follows me I just feel bad for them as I know this relationship will be largely unsatisfactory for them. We will back with your regards. Once they’re logged into your account, they will follow other users and these users would have the option to follow you back. On a personal level (as someone with a following of 2,070, whose interactions on Instagram are very personal), I see the change being largely a positive one in decreasing performance anxiety, bringing the platform back to when we were insouciant about whether our post made it into the double digits. In this way, I’m pretty grateful for a following and the responsibility that comes with handling one.

Instagram specifically is a kind of visual record tracking the doings of my personal life and I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t post anymore or less often, that I wouldn’t change the quality of my captions, but that I’d check myself way less often. Be sure to check out our running post for free for more, and also follow the basic principles of promoting Instagram and any legal requirements for launching a contest that applies in your country. I hesitate to even share this because of the comparison game that can happen, but it took me almost 3 months to get to 500. Depending on your niche, it could take you longer, or maybe you can blow me out of the water with your awesomeness! The most notable event of this happening was in 2014 (“The Great Instagram Purge”) when Instagram took action against those who had bought fake followers or used Autobot services to increase their numbers.

Real followers and likes will increase your organic reach and make your Instagram posts look more popular and engaging. Buy Real Instagram Likes with Impressions, Reach & Interactions! I buy Instagram likes for a long. So I say: I’d miss the rush of racking them up but go for it, Instagram get RID O’ THOSE LIKES. Also, I never really cracked the code of posting a photo that wasn’t of myself that garnered as many likes as a photo of my big dumb face, so I guess I’d mourn the end of that particular mystery. The year was 2011, the lipstick was MAC Morange, the filter was Nashville, and the photo border was very much present. The photo has 21 likes, most of which are from former colleagues who recently liked it just to dunk on me during an office happy hour. But whether they’re longtime users who are averse to change or influencers who want to keep track of the competition, many people are unhappy with the update. Hashtags help to highlight your content and bring it in front of the target audience so that it becomes visible to the right people. Check out this source of amazing tips and hacks for improving your following.

For this to happen you have to create fun, engaging Stories that usually target a specific space. A part of me believes that if we ever hope to have salvation from feeling shitty about that stuff, we have to forfeit the joy it gives us, too. I do get a boost from likes, but it feels about as pure as getting a boost from, say, feeling fit, pretty, popular, or any of the societally-defined markers of value that are all but ephemeral, and which often have an equal and opposite consequence of making you feel terrible when you don’t have them. I don’t even want to see them privately! The whole debate right now is in the way of eliminating likes, not followers, but I see a direct correlation between the two because likes actualize a following. Does it matter? This question is just making me sit with my powerlessness right now.

You can now create many different types of content to engage your followers. So far, the best one I’ve personally tested is Iconosquare (it used to be free but it’s now unfortunately a paid tool). You can either choose one of them by reading its introduction and features. I guess I’ve assigned so much more value to someone responding to a story because it can start a conversation and sort of break the wall between people. And as a person in the world with an unflinching urge to overshare, sometimes to the chagrin of many others and an agenda that runs counter to any financial pursuit, I value my following only to the extent that I can offer them (you, I hope!) something warm but intangible in response. One of the reasons behind encourage is to grow Instagram’s own business and market value. Caring about Instagram likes is one of those things most people either admit to super openly (to be ironic), purposely denounce (to be ironic) or are actively trying to care less about (very earnestly).

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